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Dine After Dark with us for Ramadan!

Dine After Dark | Ramadan
Inclusive Communities
thru  Better Business

DINE AFTER DARK is a nonprofit organization on a mission to build inclusive communities through better business practices during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. 

During Ramadan, we encourage restaurants to extend daily operating hours in order to better serve Muslim consumers who observe the month-long holiday by fasting during daylight hours, which in some years starts as early as 6am and ends as late as 9pm, conflicting with many restaurants' regular business hours.

By offering longer holiday hours during Ramadan, our participating Member Businesses demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and diversity in a way that benefits their businesses, their customers, and their communities. 


Come Dine After Dark with us this Ramadan! 

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Feb. 28 - Mar. 30, 2025


A Note From Our Founder

AS THE FOUNDER and President of Dine After Dark, most people are surprised to learn that I am not a follower of the Muslim faith - I grew up in a family with a mixed background of Catholic and Eastern Christian Orthodox traditions, and my favorite holiday has always been Christmas. Perhaps ironically, my love for Christmas is exactly what led me to start a nonprofit organization dedicated to the Islamic holy holiday month of Ramadan. Because I believe that all holidays are better when we celebrate together, as friends and neighbors. As a wise person once said, "The more, the merrier."


My favorite thing about Christmas is how, every December, it is absolutely everywhere – there are sales in all the stores, lights in the streets, and carols playing on the radio 24/7. In observance, schools close for winter break and businesses offer consumers all sorts of special accommodations to meet their holiday shopping needs, from discounted sale prices, to free layaway options, and expedited shipping services on just about everything. For a few weeks each year, Christmas seems to permeate everything and, for me, that ubiquity plays a big part in making the season so special, because it feels as if everyone is celebrating right along with me. It makes me feel like the traditions that are the most important to me are also important to my community.


That is why, in 2017, when I came across a news story about a public high school that had scheduled its Senior Prom to occur during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and then refused to reschedule the dance to accommodate its Muslim students, I was aghast. I felt heartbroken for those students being forced to choose between their religious holiday traditions and participating in the teenage rite of passage that is attending prom, and I was horrified that a school would be so inconsiderate of its own students. But more than anything, I wanted to find a way to help, because I know how much I value the way I’m treated by my community during my own holiday season, and I think every person deserves to feel that way – especially kids.


The concept of Dine After Dark was born in that moment, right there in my living room, with the aim of building more inclusive communities through better business practices.


One of the hallmark traditions of Ramadan is fasting during daylight hours, which, in years when Ramadan is celebrated during the longer days of spring and summer, can last until as late as 9:00pm. In many places, this is also the hour most restaurants close for the evening, leaving Muslim consumers with few dining-out options when ending their daily fast. So, Dine After Dark set out to encourage businesses to stay open later during Ramadan in order to better serve Muslim customers while they celebrate, and to also raise awareness of the holiday by making the tradition more visible to the general public. It's a win-win-win situation: Dine After Dark is good for businesses, good for customers, and good for communities!


The sense of belonging I feel each Christmas season is a privilege that I enjoy as a Christian-leaning person celebrating holidays in America. And I firmly believe that the only good thing a person can do with privilege is to try to pay it forward so that others may enjoy it, too. My hope is that Dine After Dark will make a difference in how America, as a community, celebrates Ramadan, helping to make it as recognizable a tradition as Christmas or Hanukkah, and ensuring it is treated with similar consideration and respect.


I will know we have succeeded when no Muslim high school student must ever again choose between celebrating Ramadan or attending Senior Prom, and when they can walk down any street and feel like their entire community is celebrating their biggest holiday right along with them. Because every American deserves to feel like their most important holiday traditions are also important to their community.  


In that spirit, I invite you to Dine After Dark with us this Ramadan!

Katherine Ashworth Brandt

President & Founder, Dine After Dark

Katherine Ashworth Brandt
President & Founder, Dine After Dark

Katherine Ashworth Brandt is a former Congressional aide to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and a current graduate student at The George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management in Washington, D..C., where she is completing her second Master's degree. 

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